Here’s how it email us that you have an interest in our services along with a rough sketch, design or idea of what you would like “Butlerized”. We will take a look at what you have and email you back what the cost will be to complete the work for you. If the price suits you...we will then schedule your work to be done and inform you as to when you can expect it to be completed. You will be asked to advise us on such things as color, fonts & other pertinent design elements before we begin. We also will send you progress images so that you will be able to judge that we are heading in the right direction. Edits will be made for free within reason. Even after you have received the final product we will gladly make additional edits as they become necessary for a $25 minimum charge. You are the originator of your design...we are basically a sublet to you. What we render out for you is in the end yours. Just as if you were a contractor to build a house and you used sub-contractors to take care of the framing, roofing, plumbing etc. The finished house is yours...the finished design will be completely yours. You have the right to do what ever you like with it...change colors, copy, add/subtract’s yours to do as you wish. All of the files we create in the process of completing your project will be compiled onto a CD and sent to you.