The sign was installed and looking so good that a picture was taken of it to be used in an was then that all of the extra things became apparent...scroll over the image to see what we did to enhance the image for just $30.00
Blue Loon was a $45 job...we took the rough sketch and vectorized it and created an Illustrator file with the customers PMS color choices...scroll over to see.

Now here's another've seen them probably have a large collection hanging on your walls. Most times an institution like a high school wants to present an award to someone and for what ever reason they turn to the "Awards and Engraving" folks for something. And even with all the latest equipment and technology these folks on the most part are only capable of producing a product that has become stale to the market...small brassy engraved plates attached to a beveled wood grained plaque that is nearly impossible to read even if you wanted to. In my mind they are just symbolic tokens handed over to the recipient in an effort to show appreciation...and that's where it ends. Why not produce something that has some design to it...something that looks unique and is readable and does the job it was intended hang on someone's wall and draw attention the fact that at least once...they were appreciated. This is a picture of an award that we's a digital print on Lexjet Sunset Fine Art Satin SUV by Hahnemuhle material on our Mutoh. The image was designed pretty much in Photoshop after a sketch of the Roger Karns' script was scanned in. A faux beveled mat was incorporated to the file and is pretty convincing even at close inspection...the format was dictated by a standard 16" X 20" frame. So...think about you haven't looked at this market could be another avenue for your company to excel...and we can help...

Thanks to Mark Fair for taking a chance with us...after a few emails back and forth we had a pretty good idea about what direction to go with this and's what happened.

Here's an example of a modification that is easily handled because of the many layers that are included on each CD. Basiclly all we did here was delete some of the background elements...a matter of minutes.

A site plan to presented before the zoning board needs to have the appearance that the developer has a pretty good grasp on the operation...preparing a site map that looks professional can go a long ways in convincing folks that you "Have a Plan".

Scroll over the image to see what we are talking about here.

My home town of Cando North Dakota will be celebrating their 125th year, at the same location none the less, next year and I am honored to have been asked to create the Quasquicentennial logo for the occasion
Yet another great design by Cosmic Ray...this one was set up for a 3-color print on gray and black shirts. Scroll over the sketch to see the finished design.
Remember how we keep talking about "multiple uses"...well we did a logo (upper left hand corner) for our church and I can't even begin to tell you the many ways we've had to modify it to fit certain applications but the image above will give you an idea of some of the more recent ones. The coffee cups required that the design be presented in a one color we modified the logo to fit the application and we really liked the way they came out. The design with the leafy scroll was put together for the web-site and still another modification for the Quaker Blend Coffee labels.