We don’t mean to say these designs are simple by any means at all...it’s just a catagory we put them in.
A custom designed type face can demand more attention
and add uniqueness to your client’s image...supply us with
a rough sketch of your letter style and we’ll do the rest.

The customer supplied us with a digital image of “Dewey”
and the information to be conveyed on a banner. We then
converted the gray scale image to a duo tone image and
created the layout for the copy for this composition

You have an idea for a logo and you
are anxious to present your client
with the finished design. Send us the
rough design and you will be pleased
with the quality and turn around time
on something comparable to the image on the left.
A logo or mascot can add so much
interest and identity recognition to
either a sports team or business.
And as you know the uses for such
artwork seem to be endless. The
sports team will have this logo
embroidered on the uniforms, their
T-shirts will have a full color print
and the banners that hang on the
fences and the decals on all of the
fans vehicles...just imagine the many
ways this image can be used.
At first glance this appears to be a rather simple design
however the letter “S” coming through the letter “O” was
a bit challenging...not so much for the bit map portion but
for the vectored portion. This is a good example of a file
with multiple uses such as...digital prints, cutting vinyl or
running a router. Also with all of the elements in layers in
Photoshop it’s easy to make color changes to everything
such as the background, letters and outlines.
Now here are a couple examples of some fun images that should give you an idea about
what you can expect to receive in the Butlerized Package...the top images are the artist’s
original color renderings...they are wonderful pieces of art that would work well being
reproduced in the pages of a children’s book...however...take those same images and
reproduce them as large digital prints and they will fall a bit short of what is desired.
We take the renderings and faithfully vectorize the outlines (by hand) and then apply the
coloring which brings us to this...try changing some colorings on the original renderings..
you would be better off recreating the bugs altogether but...in Photoshop we have all
of the elements on separate layers so if you want to make the butterfly blue with a
purple outline it’s very simple...and we produce all of the images in high resolution so
when you have a need to reproduce these image as large format prints...you’ll achieve
great results with these files.
All of the designs on this page except the “HALL of FAME” design are the original works of Cosmic Ray.