I am preparing a video that will better expalin what "Butlerize" is meant to be about...until then we would appreciate you reading the following:

I’ll bet this has happened to you before...a customer that you have painted a sign for stops by and asks for a digital file of the design. You say something like “well all I have is the pounce pattern” and send them on their way. Down the road a piece you see your design reproduced on some other form of advertising because... someone else has the savvy to digitally reproduce what
you can only do by hand...yep...he’s making money with your design and there’s not a dang thing
you will ever do about that and you know it!

I can not even begin to tell you the many ways that you can service your customers advertising needs if you had in your possession the required files. You have the talent to create the design...you don’t need the computer skills to create the files required to reproduce your design...that’s what “Butlerize” is for. We will take your design and prepare for you a CD that will have nearly all of the digital files required to fulfill most of your customers needs...just imagine the opportunities that you will be affording yourself...seriously you can remain a small Ma and Pa
store with a Wall Mart inventory. Don’t let that next opportunity to make money with your design
go to that other company again...”Butlerize” your design and you’ll be doing more than taking
care of business...you’ll be growing your business.

Note that we say “nearly” and “most”...that’s because there are just so many applications anymore that to produce all of the files for all the requirements is just preposterous.
Give us try...the cost for us to “Butlerize” your design will be money well spent and we will be
here for you to answer questions and help you deliver the right file for the application at hand.